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This is Yunfan Zhao (go by Euphie), a strong data-driven product manager with UX research & design, basic coding, and IoT background.

I am a graduate student from University of Washington-Seattle, Global Innovation Exchange, pursuing a M.S. in Technology Innovation. I led 5 project teams with 5 different products, PomodoroSwitch for remote students and young professionals, Makeup Container Recycle App, FuschiaBand for postoperative breast cancer surgery survivors, C.A.R.E. for elementary students on field trips, and ElderFun for people with dementia and their family caregivers.

I graduated from University of California, San Diego with double degrees of Cognitive Science with Specialization in Design & Human Computer Interaction, and Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts-Computer Music and Music Technology, and minor in Transnational Korean Studies.

1998: Was born in Beijing, China.

2011: Falled in love with Korean culture, especially K-pop, and started teaching Korean by myself.

2012: Recorded my first cover song and started my music editting journey.

2014: Traveled to Korea myself, participating Youth Union of Politics and Diplomacy (YUPAD).

2015: My American dream came true. As an exchange student, I went to Rancho Bernardo High School, San Diego, CA for my junior year in high school, and joined RBHS Women's Ensemble polishing my music life.

2016: Decided not to go back to China but finish my high school at Maranatha Christian Schools, San Diego, CA. In this Christmas, I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

2017: Enrolled in UCSD ICAM program, exploring more about music technology.

2019: Got inspiration in Cognitive Science and declared my second major. Took TOPIK Korean language test, and passed level 5. Went back to China for taking a gap quarter in winter and never thought that college life would end up in "Zoom University".

2020: Interned in MOMO Inc., as a Music Product Strategist Intern, KIC China, and Bytedance Ltc.

2021: Moved to Seattle and enrolled in UW, MSTI program, digging into the connected devices.

2022: Worked at Rock TechX as Associate Product Manager with several early-stage apps. Worked at GIX as receptionist and became friends with all start-up employees that we shared the building with.

2023: What's next?

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