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Summary: This project is designed for working with a real client to create a complete web design that meets or exceeds the client's expectations. We work with that client to understand their goals, needs and opportunities to meet functional requirements and to design a significantly high-quality website that the client likes.

Team Name: 2333

Team Members: Jinghan Cao, Jieying Lou, Zhen Xu

Duration: January - March, 2021

My Role: Team Managing, Client Survey Analysis, User Interview, Competitive Analysis, Moodboard, Site Map, Sketch, Prototype, Write-ups

Client Survey

The client interview took about 1 hour. We asked about Smallgoods' business goal, customer groups, service and market promotion, and website related questions.

See full Smallgoods Client Survey

User Objectives

  • Show the users the company emphasize on new and customizable experience
  • Find a way to appropriately display cheese (the main selling product) with the constraints of not able to tangibly sense this produce as well as lack of knowledge of different types of cheese

Design Objectives

  • The relevant information should be easily accessible in the website (including location, contact information, offered products, etc)
  • See if there is a potential to investigate in online-ordering through their website
  • The need of scalable website as well as a mobile site for Smallgoods
  • Although the website should always focus on the product, it’s important to investigate how to insert a right amount of “humanity” into the website rather than a completely e-commerce website

Priority List

  • Emphasis on American made products
  • The website should be informative, easy to use, and engaging
  • Include clear and noticeable general information (location, hours, contacts, products)
  • Product first along with high-quality pictures, condensed in text
  • Include product page, and live Instagram feed
  • Not include any online order functionality
  • Keep the original website logo with its color scheme and similar typography

User Research

The three types of persona groups should include: Spender, Refined Cafe Seeker, and Cheese Lover.

From the client interview, the stakeholders had given us a starting point regarding their loyal customers are mostly at retirement age in the store’s neighborhood and those who had purchased products from their farmer market’s pilot experiment. These loyal customers are less likely to be visiting Smallgoods website because they had already established a relationship with Smallgoods. The three personas group above are directed to potential clients who either love cheese, willfulness to spend money, or seek cafe experience.

See full Smallgoods User Interview

Persona 1: Spender

persona 1

Persona 2: Refined Cafe Seeker

persona 2

Persona 3: Cheese Lover

persona 3

Competitive Analysis

We choose 5 competitors of Smallgoods: Cheese Shop La Jolla Shores, Fish Shop, Grater Grilled Cheese, The Cheese Shop Inc., and iGourmet. These competitors shared many similarities.
We examined the brand, functionality, site architecture, navigation, and content for each competitor and provide some “good design ideas” with possible elements we may consider using for future design.

See full Smallgoods Competitive Analysis + Moodboard

Competitive Analysis



Creative Brief

Our Smallgoods creative brief includes the scope, audience, objectives, personality and tone, key target audience insight, and special issues.

See full Smallgoods Creative Brief

Low Res Sketches of Mobile Website


Site Architecture

Site map

See full Smallgoods Wireframe + Functional Specification







Final Write-ups

See full Smallgoods Project Reflection

See full Smallgoods Project Final Presentation